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There is nothing more creative than having your loved ones portrait on their head stone. Let their beauty shine on for all to see and never forget even the smallest of details.


At an Everlasting Memory Monument Company we pride ourselves on being a full service monument company offering services from Simple Footmarkers to beautiful Mausoleums. Our goal is to be able to offer anyone who walks in our door exactly what they are looking for. Everlasting Memory knows that a monument is more than just a stone; it is a symbol of love, devotion, and it relfects the long years of warmth and affection of the American Family.

Other Services Offered:

Columbariums | Ledgers | Statues | Bird Bath | Cremation Urns | Flower Vases | Pet Memorials

 Porcleain Cameos | Our Cameos come with a LIFETIME warranty.

We offer lasor etching & class art of your loved ones portrait on the monument of your choice.


The Flat Marker is the most economical type one will find. Flat Markers lay flat on the ground and come in a number of sizes and colors

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, The light grey being the most economical. Whether you want something a little more creative like a heart shape or something most simple like your regular rectangular monument we are here to help. Please stop by our showroom to see all our shapes, sizes, colors, and pricing.


We place benches for many reasons, but the two most significat reasons for placing a bench would be if you are in a private cemetary and would like to add an additional piece so there is a quiet place to sit when you are visiting your loved ones. The second reason would be to put it in place of a headstone in a public cemetery with your loved ones information where it can double as a "headstone" and a quiet place to sit and remember all the wonderful memories you had with them.


Ledgers cover the whole grave which is a solid piece of granite that never needs any upkeep or maintance. Ledgers have taken place of the concrete vault tops that used to be popular. The reason they have taken the place of the tops is because of the maintance that comes alone with them as well as they crack and chip easily.


A monument built of enduring granite symbolic in design and reverent in purpose, resting in surroundings of peace and beauty, a tribute of respect and honor to the dead, a constant source of inspiration to living. Choose from our large selection of custom unique mausoleums. Mausoleums are meant for not only just one person but built for as many people as you would like! Investing in a family Mausoleum would be a wonderful tribute to your loved ones.